Kiss Stick-On Nail Strips- New Years Eve Nails

Hey everybody!!

It’s 2016!! Yay! A great time to continue to work on you and doing everything you can to reach your goals! 

One of my resolutions is to blog more! And so to start it off I’m going to post today about my nails from yesterday! 

I was deciding what nail polish to get in Family Dollar when I happened to see these! 


At first I was all like, stick on nails, eh, maybe, but they were only $3 and seemed simple enough so I was like why not! (I’m also obsessed with the ombré pattern effect but I am never able to accomplish it for some reason ): ) 
And let me just say- I am so glad I did!!! I was able to put them on with such ease. The only thing I recommend it starting with clean nails and having scissors/a nail file ready.

These are the instructions that came on the back.  


Now the biggest problem I had was getting the sticker to fit on my nail perfectly – but these are like those shirts that say “one size fits all” so it’s not going to fit ALL of your nails to 100%.

 However, with a little bit of effort and moving them around (they still stick after me applying them and taking them off a second later!) they look great!!! Well worth the slight hassle. This is what they look like before being trimmed down.  

The box says to file them but that was quite annoying seeing as my nails are very short so I had a lot to file down. So I grabbed some scissors, cut them very carefully down to just above the nail line, and bam, life was made easier!! 
Here’s the end result! 

I loveeee them!!! The box says to put top coat over but I read some reviews online saying that top coat ruined them – so I opted for no top coat. They are great without them anyway! 
Overall- I am so happy with this product. The French tip ones probably look a lot better with longer nails so next time I will probably (most likely) just do all of my nails with the full strips! They do have a little bit of hassle to put them on but they dry quickly and are worth it because they look great! 
Hope you guys enjoyed this post! How was your New Years? Did you guys do anything special with your nails? Let me know in the comment section below! 


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