L.A Girl Matte Gloss

Hey everyone! Today I’m reviewing a lipgloss by L.A Girl! It’s full name is L.A Girl Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss- but who has time to write all that out more than once? Hah! 

This gloss was gifted to me by a friend and it’s a lipgloss that dries matte. The one I have is GLG833 and is called Fleur! Here’s a picture.  

When I first got it I was very excited to try it! It’s a beautiful coral-ish pink color. Like I said in my last post I don’t like pinks on me because of my skin tone but I really like this color! However I hate this lipgloss on my lips. 😦 It isn’t true to the color in the bottle- atleast not on me. 

  The formula itself is ok. It does go on like a lipstick and dry matte! However it was very drying on my lips. The lipstick does not smudge though!

Overall, if you’re looking for a quick cheap matte lip, this is it. I will be using it. Hopefully I can find a color that I like better! 



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