NYX Review & Swatch 

Hey guys! This is my first official review post.

I have decided to review a product that many women love and use in their everyday life! 

“Drum Roll” 
It’s NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss! Now I just decided one day – (actually it was one day after a houndred days of me seeing NYX product reviews all over my social media accounts) – that I had to have a NYX Lillie for myself. So I ventured out to my closest Target to get one.
Low and behold I was so disappointed. Not in NYX, but at the complete lack of NYX products Target had! I swear it looked as if like the last time they restocked was before Obama became President. 
Anyway, I had came to get a NYX lip product and I would be darned if I had just took that trip for no reason. My lips were going to be cute one way or another. 
In all honesty, I went to target looking for the soft matte cream lip product- they have so many beautiful colors and rave reviews. However, they had very few color options in stock. They did have a beautiful pink one, the one featured in the picture below, however- I have tried pink lipstick / pink lipgloss and let’s just say it’s not cute. 
So low and behold I was left with the red lipgloss. It’s official name is NYXMega Shine  LipGloss – Plushred! 

I’m not going to lie- at first I was like blah blah a lip gloss that’s going to wear off within ten minutes of wear. Great. 

Let’s just say I was very presently surprised. This lipgloss stays on like a pro! It stayed on after I ate a sandwich! And drank out of a bottle!!  

It feels just like any other lipgloss but – it’s better. It’s super moisturizing and smells good. I thought because it was so moisturizing there was no way it would stay on for as long as it did. 

The only con I have is that the color in the container is not the color you get on your lips- but it’s still beautiful. If you want a dark dark red, this isn’t it. However, I do recommend it, you might be pleasantly surprised like I was! 
Overall, I will be purchasing more of the Megashine Lipgloss collection and more NYX products in general! 

(I’ve got my eye on you- Transylvania! 😍) 



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